The experiences of a romanian girl in Germany ( part I )

The beginning.

guten tag!

I was introduced to Germany in a sunny day of April, exactly the day after my birthday. I was sitting in a bus, prepared or not for an extremely long and hard road. I don't think I will ever forget the feeling. Actually there were more feelings playing with my mind and my soul. I'm not sure I will be able to describe them, ever.

The family breakup was terrible and I'm sure it's the same for everyone who goes through the same experience. I was always living with the thought that I will never leave my parents behind if the day comes to go overseas. But here I am, I had to do it.

I always believed I'm not an adept for long lasting departures but it seems that everything was just in my scared mind. 

Now, after five years and some days I can say out loud that even if it was difficult at the beginning, especially being away from my family, the fact that I left it was a huge opportunity, for my personal life and my career. May sound as a cliche but it really changed my mind, for the better! 

Back to those feelings...there were tears, sadness. I was already missing my old life, even if I was just a few hours away. It felt like years. I must admit, it was also the fear that I'm not going to make it and the job won't be what I expected. The weird thing is that there was also a huge enthusiasm and curiosity regarding the german culture. I was using words like: "Can't wait to see Germany, beyond the TV, to hear the people speaking german on the streets". The only words I knew were "Guten tag". It was crazy! 

When I heard how the language actually sounds, the live accent, I was hooked! The long quirky words, the focus on H, made me fall in love with Germany. I think I am the only one in the world who believes that german is beautiful, special, interesting, exciting etc. Because you know, what people think, the german language is such a difficult one, with the most twisted words, extremely hard to learn it. I agree, I needed some time as well until I was able to keep a normal conversation and not get lost between my words.  

It's just a matter of time and attraction. If you are not attracted to the language you will never master it, yow will learn it as a speech written on a rag. I must say I'm very proud because now I can make myself understood and I realized how important that is in a foreign country, the doors open for you, your career can flourish and no one will ever look at you skeptical. There is another story when you are a romanian in Germany, but we will talk about that another time. 

My time in Germany revealed another side of me, the braver and more capable one. Maybe I didn't achieve great things but I realized I can and I'm feeling more secure now. There were so many obstacles that brought along uncertainty and disappointment. As you know everyone should learn something from these bad experiences and look at the brighter side of life. My job and the german culture taught me punctuality, seriousness and how I have to work hard to get to that point where I can help my parents and give my family a little bit of my less. In my home country, due to the weak economy that wasn't possible. 

Ahhh, I almost forgot! I had to wakeup everyday at four a.m. and if back then I was full of anger, now I laugh every time I remember that. On my way home I always fell asleep in the car and because I didn't have so much space, trying to find the best sleep position, was always an adventure. I was so funny! My sister and my brother in law couldn't stop laughing while capturing pictures of the "Sleeping beauty". 

Now I try to enjoy everything this country has to offer me. Here is where I met my boyfriend and he made me understand the culture even better because himself is german. The most funny thing in our relationship is that we talked for three years only english. Why? I don't know if there is a concrete explanation but the thing is, at the beginning, I didn't know a word of german besides the famous "Guten tag" so, the only way to communicate was in english. Months have passed, years gone by and we couldn't lose the american "air". It was extraordinary! Even if after a while I was able to speak german, it was difficult to change. For both of us. It's been five years now since we first met and finally last year we gave up on english and started living (talking) german. :-)

For those who wish to go abroad but they don't have the courage, I have a word: "Try, it can be the opportunity of your life!"

Hope you enjoyed my article.

It's my first one, any opinion, idea, thought is welcome.

See you soon, folks! 

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  • #1

    alexandra (Sonntag, 12 Oktober 2014 23:23)

  • #2

    aida babeanu (Montag, 13 Oktober 2014 11:07)

    It's a lovley story of your life !!!! Kisssss

  • #3

    Andreea (Dienstag, 14 Oktober 2014 14:47)

    Cam asta este povestea tuturor străinilor in Germania, si nu numai. Sunt lucruri mult mai interesate de povestit, cu siguranță si tu ai mai mult de spus. Spor la scris!

  • #4

    Helena (Dienstag, 14 Oktober 2014 22:36)

    Very sincere !

  • #5

    wavesofmydreams (Mittwoch, 15 Oktober 2014 16:45)

    @Alexandra it shows me nothing from your comment...i don't know what u mean but i see nothing...sorry! :)

  • #6

    wavesofmydreams (Mittwoch, 15 Oktober 2014 16:46)

    @aida thank you a lot darling!!! kisses & hugs

  • #7

    wavesofmydreams (Mittwoch, 15 Oktober 2014 16:50)

    @Helena I always am...really! thanks & kisses
    I invite u too read my sincere future posts further. :)

  • #8

    wavesofmydreams (Mittwoch, 15 Oktober 2014 20:42)

    @Andreea Fiecare are diferite povesti mai mult sau mai putin deosebite.
    Eu am o alta parere, majoritatea care vin peste hotare, vin strict pentru munca, stau 1 an maxim 2 sa stranga un ban, apoi se intorc acasa si atunci nu au prea multe de spus, nu au nici un gand sa-si construiasca o viata aici, putini sunt cei care vin pentru un viitor...Deci cam astea sunt povestile lor. Sunt 5 ani si jumatate de cand locuiesc aici si cu siguranta vor fi mult mai multe lucruri interesante de spus si nu numai despre Germania.Nu am spus ca ma opresc aici. multumesc frumos si te invit incontinuare pe blog, daca iti face placere!

  • #9

    Grigo (Samstag, 18 Oktober 2014 12:55)

    Guten Tag! :)
    Fain ce scri tu aici.
    Ce faci, ce lucrezi in Deutschland?

  • #10

    wavesofmydreams (Montag, 20 Oktober 2014 18:44)

    Buna! Multumesc frumos! ma bucur ca-ti place. :) Lucrez ca Sales Assistant-Customer Service intr-un magazin de haine.
    Sper sa iti placa mai departe ce scriu eu aici. :D You're welcome!

  • #11

    Anca (Montag, 27 Oktober 2014 22:41)

    Mi-a placut ce am citit si chiar m-am regasit printre cuvinte :) Si eu am plecat din Romania acum 3 ani si m-am stabilit in Brussels, Belgia. Iti urez mult succes
    cu blog-ul si tinem legatura :)

  • #12

    wavesofmydreams (Mittwoch, 29 Oktober 2014 21:26)

    Buna! ma bucur foarte tare ca iti place. Iti multumesc asemenea si tinem cu mare drag legatura. te pup

  • #13

    adelinastoiconi (Dienstag, 04 November 2014 10:32)

    Making a change is the most difficult thing on earth, but that change can totally make your life better! We just have to go for it! and you did it!
    This is such an inspirational post. Thank you, my dear!

  • #14

    wavesofmydreams (Dienstag, 04 November 2014 11:38)

    U have always beautiful and sincere words for me and I have to thank you!!! <3 It's amazing to hear people saying that they find themselves in my words. I wish to inspire a lot of people with everything that I write here and pushing them forward to don't be afraid of changes. :) lots of kisses my dear!

  • #15

    Alex (Mittwoch, 03 Dezember 2014 04:55)