The experiences of a romanian girl in Germany ( part II )

Hamburg through my eyes

Meanwhile in Germany

I say hello again!

Since I made my first step into Hamburg city, I kept my eyes wide open, until now.

To discover what this city could give and show to me, the beautiful places and how the people are. I've tried to understand the habits, the traditions, to be a part of it in the future.

I encouraged myself and started to go out, doesn't matter where, to meet some people and explore the city were I live. 


Hamburg seen through my eyes look amazing, full of life, full of people who has the patience to listen to you. They speak slowly and don't laughing about you if you don't know how to explain and speak correctly. Ladies over ages whom don't know how to leave the house irregular. They wear red lipstick, beads, brooch and a proper outfit. I look on them every time with admiration and respect.

The villages that actually don't look like villages but as a small superb cities, with houses nicely placed and flooded with flowers. My Mommy remained amazed and was love at first sight with Germany because she loves the beauty as much as I do and she observed and noted every detail. 

What is fascinating me the most, are the old architectural buildings, which are amazing, the brick houses and also the new modern buildings with kinds of strange forms and design, for example the Philharmonic in the new harbor city near the port of Hamburg, which looks different, nice, smart, I don't know, you have to come here to see it with your own eyes, it's worth it. 

When my mom came to Hamburg to visit us, we went for a walk to show her the beautiful city and the first stop was at the city-hall and not only that the outside it's marvelous but the inside it's breathtaking and the first thing what my mom and me have said, it was: "If Dad were here to see all these mind-blowing stuff, he would have been completely fascinated. About the sculpture, about hand made stuff, with talent and passion, because of his craft, his talent and dedication he worked and I allowing me to praise him every time I have the opportunity, without being excessive. :) 

With my Love
With my Love

If you'Il have the chance to visit Hamburg, don't hesitate to visit the city-hall! The pictures speaks from themselves. 

I have many things to say and this don't let me stop from writing. 

So, this is my 2nd post for you, but be sure this wouldn't be the last one, In one of my next post I will come back with my german experiences. 

I hope you enjoyed my post and I make you curious. 

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P.S. Did you know that Hamburg has more bridges like London and Venice together, or that Hamburg is the only german city with the airport directly in the city? ;)) 

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    adelinastoiconi (Dienstag, 04 November 2014 10:27)

    Hamburg my love! It is the most beautiful german city, no doubt!

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    wavesofmydreams (Dienstag, 04 November 2014 11:41)

    It is, no doubt!