For you, my dear Romania!


Travel to Romania, mountains, waves of my dreams

Photo by: Sebastien

It's a sunny day of November, a surprisingly warm weather for this time of the year. I'm trying to put my ideas all together while I'm drinking a hot green tea, hoping to convince you to read this until the end. Let's see if I can do it! 

I think it's time to say something about you my dear Romania, in the most honest and humble way.

I was visiting some friends a few days ago and we were talking about the Christmas feeling, how happy I am that is coming and what a great mood it gives to me. I was telling them that I miss spending Christmas with my family as we used to do it every year before I went to Germany. Since then, I'm only thinking about my mother's Christmas decorations, the delicious food and the beautiful family nights.

Inspired by these memories, my idea to write about Romania came up.

I've always wanted to express my ideas and my feelings about my home country and now I can do it. I have the advantage of having this personal blog.

Why do I want to write about it? Because I wish to inspire people to go visit Romania and realize how underrated it is in the foreigners eyes.

Travel to Romania, old train, waves of my dreams

Photo by: Sebastien

Travel to Romania, winter, horses, waves of my dreams

Photo by: Sebastien

The Romanians make you feel like at home when you visit their country, they are very hospitable and welcome you warmly in their houses. It's very easy to make friends and get invited to be part of the family, to experience the traditions and learn some more about the cultures. 

Romania has its particular beauty and special places that are worth exploring by foot. Now, when I'm far away I wish to find the time to go and visit it from head to tail as I didn't do it until now. We are always leaving behind unseen and unknown places and years of eternal history. I didn't forget where I was born, where I grew up, my native language and I will never do. I keep my heart open for its beauty, regardless of the country's situation today and its destiny. 

Travel to Romania, Bucharest, waves of my dreams

Photo by: Sebastien

Travel to Romania, Bucharest, buildings, waves of my dreams

Photo by: Sebastien

I can't compare Romania with other countries because every place of the world has something special, attractive and a fabulous history behind. 

I like people who don't forget who they are and where they came from. I like modest and kind people, open minded people, I like people with education and principles and I like welcoming people that will put all the goods on the table for you even if they don't have much. That's what I appreciate the most and tend to believe that the majority of the Romanians are. 

Those who speak negatively about Romania, about the locals are those who have never walked into our country, who hear things from others or see on the TV, or the ones who live there but they had no intention to look at the positive side and to appreciate it more. There are also the people who lost their belief that Romania is a gentle and strong country but it needs more work to be done from the people and for the people needs.

Travel to Romania, the black sea, Casino Constanta

Black sea Casino Constanta, Romania

Travel to Romania, Romanian food

Photo by: amainbucatarie

It remains me to tell you that is worth visiting Romania and I invite you to find more about its history closely, to get to know the Romanian soul and eat the delicious traditional food, whereupon I crave!

I tell you very frankly that I wish a bright future for Romania where the people are more attracted to see it and the population is more positive and motivated. 

Come and get to know the traditions, the Romanian artists and have fun like we always do and you will leave with an interesting story to tell, great memories and amazing pictures on your camera. And of course with a thought of returning soon. 

If you was in Romania and something fascinated you, or if you are a Romanian and have some thoughts about Romania, let me know. I will love to know that there is something that you like about our country. 

Try to see the best in it and hope for the better! 







Hope you like it. 

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With love, B

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