50 "shades" of me

(I love, I like & I don't.)


I'm back ON the LINE after a little break, ready for more articles, to write more. I know I wasn't here for some long time but it doesn't mean I was leaving. Not so easy! ;) I'm here now with a short post about me, my pleasures, what I appreciate but also things I disagree. 

Are some funny things about me and I want it to share with you. I hope you enjoy!

So, here we go:

  1. I love my parents more than anything;
  2. I had 900 g when I was born; :))
  3. I'm the youngest kid in a family of 5;
  4. I'm crying a lot at movies & not only; (everything emotional)
  5. I love to stay around kind & modest people;
  6. I have a big obsession for gold & silver things;
  7. I love old architecture & sculpture; (especially because of my father's work - memories)
  8. I'm a punctual person & I hate when it happens to be late;
  9. I totally disagree, when someone is too proud of itself and don't hesitate to praise every second without letting others to do it, if it's necessary;
  10. I adore the minimalist style;
  11. 90% of the things I have to do, are made in the last minute; ;)) 
  12. I have a problem with self - confidence;
  13. I'm very sensible, to much sometimes but it's ok; 
  14. I dream to be a singer; (big wish)
  15. I love chocolate & I can eat until I get sick;
  16. I have phobia of spiders; ( I know, I'm not the only one)
  17. I have a huge fear of snakes; ( they are also disgusting) 
  18. I wish to sing on stage but i'm missing the courage & I'm afraid of the reactions;
  19. I don't like to workout  but I love dancing;
  20. I hate outside jogging but I can run without problems on the running lane;
  21. I like to ride horses;
  22. The best example in my life is my father;
  23. I love having flowers in my house but every time I forget to give them water; :))
  24. I was a smoker but now I only smoke when I'm in the mood or not at all;
  25. I like rooms with high ceilings;
  26. I adore stiletto heels; 
  27. I disagree with platform heels; (I just can't wear them, NOT!)
  28. I have a few breeds of dogs that I like: Husky; Akita Inu; Chow Chow; Pomeranian; Yorkshire Terrier & Shar Pei. (unfortunately I don't have time for a dog)
  29. My favorite actor is Morgan Freeman; (he inspires me)
  30. I don't like speaking on the phone, I have a big problem with it; 
  31. One of my dreams is to become a flight attendant;
  32. I like playing tennis;
  33. I love drinking cocktails;
  34. I like spending the time watching american series;
  35. I can't stop eating french fries with white cheese on top and salad as I used to eat in my childhood;
  36. I have a big pleasure of buying wallets; haha..
  37. I'm afraid of loneliness;
  38. I don't like to wear bras ;)) but I have to;
  39. I get nervous very quickly but I can't stay upset to long;
  40. I like red lips & dark hair;
  41. Smart people impress me;
  42. I have a huge respect for educated & honest people;
  43. I'm not a selfish person, I never was. I always think about the others first;
  44. I love wearing elegant clothes & drink champagne or red wine;
  45. I love weddings;
  46. I don't understand the people who waste the time living someone else's life;
  47. I don't like people who copy the others, even the gestures;
  48. I like to believe, I have a personality;
  49. I'm very shy & I'm lucky that I don't get red when the emotions overwhelm me; :))
  50. I'm a simple person with a big heart and a complicated mind.


So, this was the 50 things about me. Are much more but 50 is a good number. ;) I hope you laughed a little and I hope you enjoyed. 

I would love to read some things about you too. :) Leave a comment. 

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We see us soon with a new blog post.


With love, B

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  • #1

    Alex (Mittwoch, 03 Dezember 2014 05:09)

    12 - I wouldn't say, reading your previous articles
    18 - Why don't You give it a try?
    24 - Bad habit

  • #2

    wavesofmydreams (Freitag, 05 Dezember 2014 15:53)

    Thank you for the good thoughts!!! :)
    I was already at The Voice of Germany casting and it was not the good time for me...I wasn't prepared for this, but I wont give up! :) kisses