Black it's a must 

Examples with Polyvore


I'm sorry for writing so late and so rare but I was little busy lately...I'm coming now with a short inspirational article, about how I choose the black items. I like to wear black, not always and maybe not all black but is a must and it takes me out of the deadlock and because is a non-color, allows us to match it with every other colors. 

If you choose to wear it with a statement jewelry, with red lips, white, red or yellow shoes, you'll never fail and your outfit will not look boring and sad. 

Polyvore is the best app I use to make outfit sets and match them with a lot of fashion items. I love it and that's the reason why I choose to write about and show you five of them. 

How I like to match it:

Not only black

"One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress."

Karl Lagerfeld

So, that's it. I hope you liked my Polyvore sets. Click on to see my profile. :) 

If you want to try, log in, make a profile, start creating and let me see it!

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With love, B

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    Adelina Stoiconi (Freitag, 05 Dezember 2014 21:55)

    I totally love these outfits!! Thank you for sharing them. Kisses sweetheart!